Membership Is Granted To People Aged Over 60 Years Who Meet The Criteria; Different Classes Of Membership Can Be Opted For As Under :-



Membership Fees

Class of Member





Membership Fees 50,000/= 1,00,000/= 2,50,000/= 5,00,000/=
*These are the rates for Single-time non-refundable membership Fees for Individual Members.
*Spouse of a member may also become a Member on payment of discounted membership fees.

Securities & Advances

An amount equivalent to two month's Base Rate shall be deposited as interest-free security which will be refunded on cessation of membership after deduction of outstanding dues, if any. The refund will be made to the Member(s) or the Nominee(s) as applicable.
One Month's Base Rate will be deposited as advance payment; subsequent monthly charges will be payable in advance.

Types and charges of accomodation


Type of Accommodation

Monthly Charges (Rs)

Daily Charges* (Rs)

1. Dormitory 15000.00 1000.00
2. Semi-Private Room 25000.00 2000.00
3. Private Deluxe Room 35000.00 3000.00
4. Nightingale/Care Ward 40000.00 4000.00
*Subject to Availability

Securities & Advances

1. The above are Base rates (termed Monthly Charges above) for Individuals.
2. Rooms can also be used by Couples (as a Double Room) or on Twin-Sharing Basis (Semi-Private) Rooms.
3. For Spouses staying as Couples, the charges will be 40% extra over the base rate; however, in Dormitory full charges for will be payable.
4. On Twin-sharing basis, each member will be entitled to a 20% rebate over the Base Rate.
5. Whether on Individual, Couple or Twin-shared basis, Members will be entitled to discounts as per their Class of Membership.
6. The Base Rates have been calculated on the present cost of inputs, and are liable to change in future based on inflation, etc; however any such changes will not be done before one year.

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