Aastha Health Resort is Prompting Medical Tourism for a Rapid Globalization of Care – With Seniors Leading the Way towards dignity at the end of life.

It may be difficult to imagine seniors boarding planes for exotic places like India for medical treatment, but it is more commonplace each day. By the millions, people from developed countries are seeking medical treatment & end of life care in emerging countries that offer professionally-staffed, well-equipped health care infrastructure. Seniors and those demanding End-of-Life care are a large part of the "medical tourism" market.

A principal reason people from developed countries travel to some developing countries is cost. So-called Geriatric Medical Care in developed countries is extremely expensive. Even with the cost of travel and stay, many seniors find that the steep savings on medical procedures, Nursing care, End-of-Life care & Long term care solutions.

We at Aastha Health Resort provide high quality Geriatric Care & End Of Life care to our International Clients.


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